Money2India Europe

Money Transfer

ICICI bank provides a secure, regulatory compliant platform for sending money to India. We understand it represents not only money but also care for your dear ones and hence we have flexible alternatives to transfer money to India. And to top it up, both the options are absolutely free!!


  1. Insta Net Express:
    With this option, the beneficiary will receive the money on the same day at the assured rate. For same day credit to the beneficiary, transfers should be initiated before 1100 hrs CET.
  2. Net Express:
    The beneficiary will receive money within 24 hours of us receiving the funds from any bank account in Europe.

How To Transfer

Money2India provides simple, easy-to-use way to transfer money to India. Follow three simmple steps to send money:

  1. Insta Net Express
  2. Either pay through payment gateway (Insta Net Express) or through net banking of your local account (Net Express)
  3. Within mentioned timeline, the beneficiary in India will receive funds in a secured and transparent way.