User Identification

Money2India Europe verifies the identity of all registered users. Please note that a single transaction of less than EUR 1000 /SEK 9000 / NOK 9000 / DKK 7000 would be allowed prior to identification.


Money2India Europe facilitates both online and offline mode of identification.

Online Video Identification:

Money2India Europe has introduced video identification, the latest evolution to identify its registered users. This identification service is completely online and can be completed within 10 minutes from the comforts of your home. Money2India Europe uses [verify-U] f2f service provided by Cybits to conduct video identification. To know more about this partner please click here.


Your video identification process consists of four steps:


Step 1: Login with your Money2India Europe account and go to the identification section. Please click on the ‘Identify Me’ link. You would be taken to our partner's site and will be required to create an account by choosing your email ID and password on this site.


Step 2: Your email address and phone number will then be verified.


Step 3: A recorded video call between you and the partner's agent starts and you need to show your official ID documents. The agent will confirm the details and will send a one-time code as a text message to your mobile phone. You would be required to read the same to the agent on the call and your details would then be verified. Please ensure that you have your ID documents (passport, address proof) handy when entering into the video call.


Please ensure that the personal and address details you are giving to our partner for verification are exactly matching with the details with which you have registered on Money2India Europe.


Step 4: Our partner will then confirm the details to us and your account on Money2India Europe will be activated instantly.


Please note that this process is free of charge for you. For an encrypted video call, it is not necessary to install specific software on your systems as it can be processed in regular browsers provided an appropriate and stable internet connection.


Disclaimer: Please note that your personal details would be stored with the partner as part of identification process. ICICI Bank is not responsible for any breach of data or loss of data at the partner. You can terminate this relationship with the partner at any point of time after completion of the identification process.

Offline Post Office Identification Process in Germany

Step 1: Login with your Money2India Europe account and download the Postident coupon.


Step 2: Visit the nearest agent of Deutsche Post AG personally with the Postident coupon and your official ID documents such as passport (Reisepass) or ID card (Personalausweis).


Step 3: Present the Postident coupon as well as your identification document to the postal clerk. The clerk at Deutsche Post AG will capture the data and ask for your signature on the Postident form to confirm the details. The Post office will then send us this form. The details will be updated on Money2India Europe within 2-3 working days. You will receive an email once the process is complete.


This identification process is free of charge and you need not pay the post office.

Offline documentary Identification outside Germany

Step 1: Login with your Money2India Europe account and download the Identification letter.


Step 2: Print the form and take copies of the following documents.

  • Passport
  • Visa/Residence Permit
  • A bank statement of the account which you have registered on Money2India Europe, showing your registered address and less than 3 months old.


Get the copies attested either by your bank, notary or a consulate. It should include the certification statement, stating that the copy matches the original (in English, German or local language), original stamp of the certifying body, original signature & name of the person certifying the copy along with date.


Step 3: Send the documents to the following address :-
Service Center
Postbox 21 75
26414 Schortens


Alternatively, we can also arrange for a Business Reply envelope for you, which is completely paid by ICICI Bank UK PLC. To arrange for the Business Reply envelope, please call our toll free number or email us at