3 easy steps to send Money to India

Place an Online request

  • New User: Register with Money2India Europe

  • Registered User: Login using your Money2India Europe ID

  • Select a registered beneficiary or add a new beneficiary

  • Enter and confirm the transaction details

  • A unique tracking no. (e.g. G2N12345678) will be generated on submission

  • For Insta Net Express procedure click here

Fund transfer

*Sweden / Norway / Denmark: Send money from your local bank account to our partner's accounts through your preferred mode (online/branch)

  • Send money from your local bank account in any Eurozone country to ICICI Bank Germany through your preferred mode (online/branch/SEPA)

  • Enter the unique tracking no. (e.g. G2N12345678) in the "message to recipient" or "payment reference" field

  • Enter the amount which should be same as confirmed on the Money2India Europe website

  • Transfer the funds to ICICI Bank UK PLC, Germany Branch

Credit to beneficiary

  • The Beneficiary Account credit/ DD issuance/Visa card transfer will happen as per the processing time for each type

  • Track Your Remittance facility (on Money2India Europe) anytime, to check the status of your transaction

  • Alert to the beneficiary on successful credit