Introduction - Remit Money to India

Introduction - Online Money Remittance

Given the spread of Indians across the Eurozone, their distinct preferences and the peculiarities of global payment systems, ICICI Group remittance product suite branded 'Money2India' is unique and goes far beyond the 'traditional' offerings in the banking sector

The product suite strives to offer mass scale as well as niche remittance tracking products leveraging the local payment systems in the sending countries. All this has been enabled through SEPA / local credit transfer system and by tapping into every possible disbursement channel in India supported by banking system.

This service helps save huge costs associated with traditional money transfer methods while at the same time offering convenience for tracking transfers to both the overseas remitter and receiver in India. This has been made possible through the launch of innovative and customer centric, technology-enabled products, creating highly sophisticated, centralized processing capabilities.

Money2India Europe facilitates remittances into India from 17 countries in Eurozone as well as from Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

  • Money2India Europe is a tracking facility offered for Internet savvy remitters. Use of this service helps you with regard to remitting money to India.

  • Users can avail of our online support to initiate remittance services via their home bank.

  • This service leverages the existing banking channels, conventional transfer modes such as wire transfer (SWIFT) and new age payment system such as SEPA to provide seamless transaction experience to users in Eurozone

  • This tracking service is offered to remitters having a banking relationship with banks domiciled in Eurozone and members of local / SEPA clearing system

  • The user orders money transfer to his / her local bank and uses Money2India service for tracking the transfer.

  • The rates and charges applicable for this transfer are available in the price and service list of the website. Please click here to view the price and service list.