Net Express - Online Money Transfer to India

With Money2India Europe NetExpress, you can send money from your local bank account through your preferred mode i.e. the comfort of your home or office using your local account.

Now be empowered with the Fixed Rupee transfer facility on Money2India Europe. Money2India Europe facilitates inward remittances to India from over 17 Eurozone countries as well as from Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Easy Money Transfers

  • Electronic transfers into any ICICI Bank account with over 4,050 branches in India

  • Electronic transfers into accounts with over 80,000 bank branches of over 200 banks in India

  • Electronic transfers into any Visa Debit Card * account issued in India

  • Demand Drafts issued and payable at over 3000 locations in India

Use Fixed Rupee transfer

  • Get confirmed exchange rates as applicable at the time of transaction, on sending the funds within the Fixed Rupee transfer Validity Date

  • Send the exact Rupee amount to your receiver in India

Competitive exchange rates

  • Easy tracking of status online, including updates by e-mail

  • Zero paperwork

Ready to Transfer money?

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*Please note: Visa Money Transfer cannot be used to transfer money to VISA cards linked to NRE Account and Visa Credit card account.

**Please Note: Money Transfers are subject to regulatory verification processes. In the event of any delays in the processing of Money Transfers on account of such verifications, ICICI Bank UK PLC will not be liable or responsible in any manner for consequences of such a delay, including, without limitation, for losses or damages caused by such a delay.