Money Transfer

Enjoy a complete money transfer solution to any bank in India via Money2India Europe

  • Transfer money from any bank in Eurozone / Sweden / Norway / Denmark to any bank in India.
  • Zero remittance charges for all your money transfers.

Insta Net Express

With Insta Net Express avail same day money transfers with an assured exchange rate! Whats more, you dont even pay any remittance charges for transferring your money!

Net Express

Transfer money with competitive exchange rates and zero remittance charges through Money2India Europe. We transfer money to your beneficiary within 1 day of receipt of money from your bank account. Enjoy the convenience of Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA)* for transferring money via Money2India Europe


*local settlement system in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Fixed Rupee Transfer

Are volatile exchange rates worrying you? How do you send fixed rupee amounts to pay for definite rupee-based family expenses, bills, monthly installments in India?